Children return to school on Monday 25th February

Enjoy the February holiday!  

Ark Little Ridge E Safety Policy

Ark Little Ridge E Safety Policy


Guide to the social networks children use

NSPCC - Net Aware (Your guide to the social networks your kids use)

NSPCC online Safety - another website with lots of useful resources, with some especially useful advice for technophobic adults about how to set up devices with parental controls and advice to help you talk to your children about online safeguarding

Internet Matters  - Helping parents keep their children safe online. This website contains a wealth of age specific resources around internet access, potential risks, and an internet safety checklist for parents

O2 and NSPCC Let's keep our kids safe online

Digital Childhood - Addressing Childhood Development Milestones in the Digital Environment

Childline online and mobile safety

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

Ideas to help keep your children safe on line

For students aged 8 - 10 yrs - 'think you know'

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