Learning to read

We teach pupils to read through Read Write Inc. Phonics. Pupils will be part of the phonics programme until they are confident readers; reading around 140 words per minute and have a reading age of seven.

Read Write Inc. Phonics is for four to seven-year-old children learning to read and write, and for seven and eight-year-olds that need to catch up.

  • It is a complete literacy programme taught for 40 minutes a day in Reception and an hour a day in Year 1 and above. It is proven to develop:
  • Fluent, enthusiastic readers deep comprehension of texts
    confident speakers keen writers.

Young readers develop at different rates and the ability of readers in a class can vary therefore we set our pupils by ability for these sessions. Regular assessment allows us to track our pupil’s attainment and therefore our phonics groups are regularly reviewed and changed.

We aim to ensure 100% of pupils pass the year one phonics screening check.

Ridge Reading

At Ark Little Ridge we are striving to become a reading school where all children and adults read for pleasure and can share in the joy of books. All of our classrooms have a class library stocked with a wide variety of quality texts. Every pupil participates in a daily Ridge Reading session, enabling them to develop their reading comprehensions skills, whilst becoming immersed in rich and broad vocabulary. Through the programme children learn what it is to be a real reader and to fully engage in the world of fiction and non-fiction books. The programme provides children with the opportunity to explore powerful complete stories, poems and plays by authors both teachers and children love. 

Reading at home

Pupils need to read a wide variety of texts often. We therefore send reading books home every night and ensure that these are checked and changed weekly. Our reading records allow parents to share comments and thoughts with the class teacher.

Learning to write

Pupils start mark making from an early age and our Early Years develop the gross and fine motor skills needed for pen control. We have a number of exercises and activities that pupils take part in to develop their ability to write.

In Reception and Key Stage One pupils learn letter formation alongside letter sounds through the Read, Write Inc programme and start forming words and short sentences by the age of five.

Once pupils are confident readers they will progress from Read, Write Inc to Talk for Writing.

Eleven year-old children who read, write and speak to a very high standard love school, love learning and are likely to achieve extremely well at secondary school. Talk for Writing gives teachers the tools to make this happen for every child. It is a complete literacy programme rooted in the 2014 national curriculum for children in Years 1 – 6 who can decode fluently. It develops children’s comprehension, vocabulary, writing, critical thinking and discussion skills and provides teachers with explicit guidance in how to teach grammar – in a fun and meaningful way.

Talk for Writing children write confidently and enthusiastically because they have something to say and they love reading!

Handwriting: All pupils receive at least 30 minutes of handwriting practise every day. Our expectation is for pupils to have fluent, legible and neat handwriting before they enter Key Stage 1. We then work on developing style and fluency. Children can earn their pen license once they can demonstrate accuracy in letter formation