New Reception Year pupil intake for September 2018

Congratulations to all those allocated a September 2018 Reception Year  place at Ark Little Ridge!  Please remember to return paper copies of  your completed admission forms to our school office as soon as possible to confirm your acceptance.  If you have been offered but do not wish to take up your place, please do let the school office know as soon as possible so that the place can be allocated to another pupil.


At Ark Little Ridge, we know that learning doesn't just happen inside the classroom. We run a range of after-school clubs for pupils designed to build their confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. For further details, please click on individual club information below.

Overview of after school activity clubs

Year 5 6 Boom Active Football Registration letter Term 3 2018 docx.pdf

Andy Stoodley Football Coaching


ZUMBA Sept 2017 Registration letter.pdf  (Years R/1/2/3)

JAFFA (Jesus a Friend for All) (Years 3/4/5) - information at school office

Dance Club Letter 17-18.pdf

Netball club letter.pdf 

Sama Karate (all ages) contact direct via link

Choir Sept 2017.pdf

Hastings Priory Allstars.pdf