New Reception Year pupil intake for September 2018

Congratulations to all those allocated a September 2018 Reception Year  place at Ark Little Ridge!  Please remember to return paper copies of  your completed admission forms to our school office as soon as possible to confirm your acceptance.  If you have been offered but do not wish to take up your place, please do let the school office know as soon as possible so that the place can be allocated to another pupil.

Y2 Artwork

Year 2 have been learning about nocturnal animals and were set a project homework task. Miss Furniss said, ‘We were blown away by the amazing displays sent in and the children absolutely loved showing off their work and presenting their facts to everyone. Mr Rankin and Mrs Woolley came to look at the work and were both very impressed. A huge thank you to the Year 2 parents for engaging with the homework in such creative, imaginative ways!’  Take a look!