Extra open morning for prospective September 2019 Reception pupils

We have added an extra session for anyone who was unable to attend the open mornings/afternoons earlier this term. 

This last session is on Tuesday 4th December at 9.30 am. 

Please contact school office if you would like to come along.

Author, Liam McCann, visits Ark Little Ridge

Liam McCann author of the Year 5 class reader, 'The Battle of Boxhill', visited Little Ridge yesterday to spend the morning with the children.

Children got the opportunity to listen to him talk about the books he has written and about the whole process of beginning to write a book.

The children were really fascinated and asked some really thoughtful and interesting questions.


''It was exciting to find out what writing a book was really like. I always thought it was a much simpler process." (Brandon Peat)


“Liam explained how the cost of the book was divided up. I was really surprised at how little the author gets per copy.'' (Cougar Devlia)

Further pictures can be found on our website.