Extra open morning for prospective September 2019 Reception pupils

We have added an extra session for anyone who was unable to attend the open mornings/afternoons earlier this term. 

This last session is on Tuesday 4th December at 9.30 am. 

Please contact school office if you would like to come along.

Learning about Fire Safety

Learning about Fire Safety

Our Reception classes had a special visit from Red Watch, Bohemia Road, firefighters this week.  They talked to the children about what to do if there is a fire and how they should leave a burning building shouting ‘fire!’  All the children were able to sit on the fire engine and they had an opportunity to look at some of the tools they use, including car cutting equipment and a thermal imaging camera.  The firefighters also let the children have a go holding the hoses and shooting water at the trees.  It definitely looks as though they had fun!  Further photos can be found on our website.

‘If there is a fire you have to leave the room and not go back for any toys.’ (Tallula)

‘If there’s a fire you call 999 and the firemen will come and put it out.’ (Jacob)

‘We saw the water hoses.  I liked it when we sprayed the water at the trees.’ (Callum)