Ark Little Ridge takes part in the STEAM project: putting art back into the curriculum

Pupils from Ark Little Ridge and Ark Blacklands have been invited to take part in the Jerwood Gallery's pilot STEAM project, working in partnership with Hastings Fisherman's Protection Society and Hastings Borough Council.  Yesterday was their first visit.

Fishermen, Bud, Mark and Paul, along with two Hastings based artists Leigh Dyer and Peter Quinnell, took a group of children from local primary schools out on to the fishing beach, to experience the daily lives of Hastings Fishermen. They then returned to the gallery and created mini sculptures from found objects that they had collected.

The STEAM Project will be working with young people to put art back into the curriculum. STEM + Art = STEAM.

'Over the last four weeks, I have been busy running STEAM - a pilot project working with Hastings fishermen, five local schools and artists Peter Quinnell and Leigh Dyer.

Pupils were able to explore the gallery exhibitions and fishing beach for inspiration. Hastings fishermen spoke about their daily lives, the machinery and equipment that they use and the environmental issues surrounding beach littering. They visited the fishermen's fishing sheds, watched a winch working, met local fish sellers and had a nose at the fish market.

Throughout the project we collected found objects and returned to the gallery to explore how we could arrange the materials and start looking at them as forms for sculptures. Pupils have learnt how to make nets and tie knots, basic wood work skills and designed sculptures as part of a team. 

It has been a complete joy to work in this collaborative way where exploration of materials and creativity has been at the heart of the projects aims. I am hugely thankful to everyone who helped make this project happen and look forward to future collaborations.'

Emily Hedley

Education Project Assistant