Extra open morning for prospective September 2019 Reception pupils

We have added an extra session for anyone who was unable to attend the open mornings/afternoons earlier this term. 

This last session is on Tuesday 4th December at 9.30 am. 

Please contact school office if you would like to come along.

Y2 recreate the 'Great Fire of London'

Our Year 2 classes have been learning about the Tudors.  As part of this, they made cardboard Tudor houses.  Today, they took all their houses outside to try and recreate their own ‘Fire of London’.   

Kaan said, We put out houses outside and placed them on the grass’.  Mr Bevis set fire to one of the houses.’

‘We all stood behind the fence a long way from the houses so we were safe from the flames’. Bo

‘We watched the houses burn.  The smoke was very smelly but if was really exciting.’ Riley

‘We had made roofs with straw.  It burnt very quickly!’  Phoenix

‘Mr Bevis threw water to put the fire out, but he missed first time.  The houses looked very black.’ Kaan

‘After the fire, we drew pictures of what we had seen.  It was great fun!’ Alesha