Extra open morning for prospective September 2019 Reception pupils

We have added an extra session for anyone who was unable to attend the open mornings/afternoons earlier this term. 

This last session is on Tuesday 4th December at 9.30 am. 

Please contact school office if you would like to come along.

Y5 Victorian Roadshow

Our Y5 pupils have been learning about the Victorians.  Ian Roberts from ‘The History Roadshow’, came into school to run activities for the children to give them  a taste of what life was like for children in Victorian days.   From the moment children arrived in school, they stepped back in time to the life of a Victorian school child, taking part in classroom drills and learning about sanctions for misbehaviour.  Children also had the opportunity to sample various occupations and household tasks.  They were also able to make and taste food from the Victorian era.  Take a look at some photos from the day!

‘I loved doing the ice-cream making the washing and pumping the water.  I wouldn’t have liked to be in a Victorian school – I would have been too scared of the teachers!’  Joe Cooper