Extra open morning for prospective September 2019 Reception pupils

We have added an extra session for anyone who was unable to attend the open mornings/afternoons earlier this term. 

This last session is on Tuesday 4th December at 9.30 am. 

Please contact school office if you would like to come along.

Y6 Experience World War II


Our Y6s went back to the 1940s to discover what life was like for children during World War II. Children came to school dressed in 1940s clothing and experienced life as an evacuee at the start of the war.  They learnt about how the war started and took part in activities such as stretcher bearing, how to deal with burning matter following air-raids, what it felt and sounded like to be in an Anderson shelter , used manual water pumps which would have been used to put out fires, learnt about spies and heard a real air raid siren (so did the rest of the school!).   Take a look at what they got up to!