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Live and work in Hastings

"Hastings offers a lot more choices than the life by the sea in other places in the country does.  We live in a really beautiful flat right on the seafront that we’d never be able to afford at home in Cornwall, so I think there's a real affordability factor through being here.

"We really like being so close to London, it’s so easy to get to London, the train is so accessible here. I feel that I have all the advantages of the things that I would want to do in London. We do lots of cultural activities in London without having to pay to live there."

– Kate Sicolo, Assistant Headteacher at Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy

Hastings’ burgeoning art scene, historic old town and seaside air make it an attractive place to work and live. 

Ark William Parker is a fast-improving school located on a spacious green campus right in the heart of Hastings. Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy is a small primary school based near Ark Helenswood Academy, Hastings' top-performing secondary school. The school is improving quickly, with results for age related expectations in EYFS and Phonics were both significantly above the national average, with RIDGE values (Rigour, Integrity, Determination, Generosity and Enthusiasm) at the heart of all the school does.

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With a considerably lower cost of living than London and Brighton, Hastings is a vibrant community known for its rich history, stunning seafront views, fresh local seafood and quirky art scene. Find out more about what it's like to live and work in Hastings: