From the Early Years through to Year 6, Art is taught in a way that not only encourages creativity but also inspires, engages and challenges pupils.  

Through the use of sketchbooks and high quality planning our Art curriculum ensures that all pupils have the opportunity to: 

Explore, create and develop their ideas 

Become proficient in drawing, painting, printing, sculpting and textiles 

Have access to art and design from different cultures, art movements and designers 

Develop their ability to evaluate both their own work and that of other artists  

Use Hastings as a point of reference, including local artists and craft makers, and visits to local galleries and museums 

Our Art and Design curriculum has a clear progression of skills and knowledge across topics within year groups, and this is built upon each year. Most importantly, we aim to foster a love and appreciation of art that will last a lifetime. 

Please see our whole school Art whole school overview 2020.docx