At ARK Little Ridge, the Humanities curriculum forms the starting point for all learning. A carefully planned ‘key’ question at the start of each topic, helps to focus the children’s learning and a knowledge organiser outlines the key learning points that are taught throughout the topic. 

Topics are carefully planned to make links across subjects so that the children gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the world around them both past and present. As children progress through the school, they put their knowledge into context and make links and connections between events, building upon prior learning. Children are taught how to compare, analyse and search for answers using a range of evidence and focus on cause and consequence of these events. This helps them to reconstruct a picture of the past and consider the legacy that is left behind.  

Children at ARK Little Ridge will learn to: 

Ask perceptive questions 

Think critically 

Weigh up evidence from a range of sources 

Justify and form opinions 

Children are taught the chronological development of Britain from the Stone Age through the Roman rule to the Victorian era and WW2. They also study a range of ancient civilisations in KS2 from Ancient Greeks and the Egyptians.

Please see our whole school Humanities overview.docx