At Ark Little Ridge we teach Mathematics in the belief that it will empower students for life after school by providing them with the skills, knowledge and language to describe analyse and change the world in ways we cannot yet even imagine.

At Ark Little Ridge we use a Mastery approach whereby pupils can meet both our high expectations of them and the challenges of the primary curriculum. We offer the children a rich maths curriculum based on cumulative development of both knowledge and skills. At the core of mastery in maths stands the principle of mathematical problem solving where children develop the universal language of mathematics. At all points of learning the children are encouraged to show a deep conceptual understanding by making connections, seeing patterns, reasoning and justifying. They will use a range of representations from the concrete, pictorial to the abstract.

Our Mathematics curriculum is supported by the Mathematics Mastery programme. The programme emphasises cumulative mastery of the essential knowledge and skills of mathematics. It embeds a deep understanding of maths by employing a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach – using objects and pictures before numbers and symbols so that pupils understand what they are doing rather than just learning to repeat routines without grasping what is happening.Whilst plans and resources are provided by Maths Mastery teachers engage deeply with each unit of work. They know how the learning develops through the unit and anticipate pupil misconceptions prior to teaching. Children’s misconceptions are used as a tool to; nurture a growth mindset, develop mathematical language and allow children to demonstrate their reasoning.

Teachers formatively assess the depth of pupils understanding throughout a lesson which in turn informs how the next lesson will be delivered.

Pupils are assessed in Arithmetic termly and in more general maths concepts at the end of Terms 2 and 6.

Please see our whole school maths overview.docx