Little Ridge Reading Champions meet Lindsay Littleson

Monday 16 March 2020

This week the school Reading champions were invited to meet Lindsay Littleson who is author of the book 'Guardians of the Wild Unicorns'. This book has been shortlisted for the East Sussex book awards and the champions have been eagerly reading and enjoying it.

During the session, Lindsay talked to the pupils about how she became an author and how she collected ideas for writing new books.


Jacob (Y3) said, ‘I loved to hear how Lindsay was inspired by her mother's love of reading and how that made her want to become an author.’


Gracie (Y5) said, ‘I loved finding out about how the range of genres for her books were based on real life experiences.’


Evie (Y6) said, ‘Meeting Lindsay has inspired and encouraged me to want to become an author when I am older.’


See other books by Lindsay on her website: