Visit of Olympian, Ezekiel Ewulo

This week we were delighted to welcome olympic long-jumper Ezekiel Ewulo to Little Ridge. Ezekiel spoke to the children about his journey into athletics and what it takes to become a professional athlete. Earlier on, children were very excited to have had the chance to train with him and pick up some tricks.   Prior to his visit, children were asked to collect sponsorship for the activities they were going to do on the day.  Children were put through intense, rigorous circuits and showed their sporting excellence; it was tiring just watching!  We have to say we were blown away by the support of our school community with the sponsorship.  As a school, children raised £3017.00.  From this, Little Ridge will take away £1555,00 which will be used on new sporting and PE equipment.  The rest of the monies will go to the Sport for Champions charity which Ezekiel represents. We take sport very seriously at Little Ridge and pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of sporting opportunities to our pupils and try to encourage making sport, exercise and healthy living a part of everyday life. It was truly a very special day and extremely inspirational. Thank you Ezekiel for such a memorable day!