What's it like working at Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy?

Interested in working at Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy? Stacie Booth is a Year 1 teacher at Ark Little Ridge - find out what she had to say about working at the school:

A supportive school, with opportunities to develop

My school is very supportive. You can turn to anyone within the school and ask for help. I have a line manager, who is a KS1 Phase Lead, so there's a really collaborative structure. Support-wise you couldn’t ask for a better school, it’s one of the most caring, friendly school I’ve worked in. People have always got time for you which is great, because time is valuable in teaching.

The leadership at the school are here to see you succeed, improve your practice as a teacher and have more opportunities further down the line. Last year was my NQT year and being in an Ark school has meant that I’ve been on a lot of training courses, which has really helped me to develop quickly.

We work really closely with Ark Blacklands; we co-plan with teachers there, we team-teach, make sure it’s consistent as they’re our sister school. Being part of a network, particularly one with another great primary school so close to us, really gives us the opportunity to learn from one another.

Great teaching practice

I really like the way we do things here. The way we teach our reception class has completely changed over the last couple of years. We do phonics and Mathematics Mastery – this has had a massive impact and our results showed that it worked. We still do initial play but the children really progress much more now.

Some teachers might think that it’s a bit strange to have 5 year olds sitting down and doing work, but the kids love it. It’s stimulating and fun at the same time, they learn a lot more, and the progress from assessments has shown that it really has had a positive impact.

A social, appreciative school

The staff here work hard, but we're a sociable bunch as well and socialise together on Fridays - we're encouraged to leave earlier for the weekend. My boss loves to feed us up a bit - there are regular treats! We get free tea and coffee, have get-togethers sometimes and a Christmas party, which really helps create a great team atmosphere.

It's more than just socialising, though, it's also about recognition for great team work. We get praise and acknowledgment – a card in your drawer, an email, or a mention in a briefing. We also a 'praise board', where you can put up thanks for a specific teacher or TA on a noticeboard. It’s nice to have your work recognised and celebrated, and Ark Little Ridge does that really well. We also have a great benefit package, and I get £20 off at the gym.