Y6 visit Hastings Shipwreck and Fishermen's Museum

Oxford class learnt lots of facts during their visit to the Shipwreck Museum:

  • Many years ago, the coastline of Hastings was very different to that of today.
  • Sea maps (charts) showed all the shipwrecks that had occurred along the south east coast over the years.
  • The current in the English Channel flows diagonally and pushes ships into the rocks along the coast.  There have been 450 shipwrecks along English coasts. 
  • The Amsterdam ship, which was wrecked off the St Leonards coast, was carrying people who were contaminated with the plague – that is how the disease arrived in Hastings.

Cambridge Class reported back about their visit to the Fisherman’s Museum:

  • There was a huge Albertros  on display – superstition is that the bird represents the souls of lost sailors
  • They sat on the finishing boat housed in the museum and were able to get a feel of what life would be like on a fishing boat. 
  • The lives of many local fishermen have been lost at sea. Their memory is kept alive in a book of remembrance in a glass case, on display.
  • Children enjoyed looking at all the varieties of fish on display

During the day, all the children visited the beach and were able to collect objects washed up on the shoreline to use for a future art project. Take a look at our gallery below: