Y6 visit Hastings Shipwreck and Fishermen's museum

Children in Y6 have been studying the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom' as part of this term's topic 'Around the World'.  They are also been  looking at coastlines and the sea's temperament.   To support this learning, children went to visit the local Shipwreck and Fishermen’s museums.   Children were given  a guided tour of The Stade by a retired fisherman and had an opportunity to sketch observational drawings on the beach.


Zac Lister in Oxford recalled, "I learnt why the fisherman's boats have RX on the side - R is for Rye and X is for Sussex, this is because Hastings doesn't have a harbour and Rye does!"


Emma Mullin in Cambridge said, "I learnt that the Police used to cut the smugglers boats in half if they were caught smuggling!"

take a look at their gallery of photos below.