Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy



Subject Intent

At Ark little Ridge we teach Mathematics to ensure that our pupils are empowered by the knowledge and language they acquire to be ready for life after school. The skills they gain provide them with the confidence to apply their mathematical understanding not only to become financially capable but also to be able to analyse and change the world, in ways we cannot yet imagine.



• Ark Little Ridge’s rich maths curriculum has been developed as a Mastery curriculum, which has a clear progression in both knowledge and skills.

• At the core of our teaching for mastery in maths is the principle of mathematical problem solving, through which the children acquire the universal language of mathematics. This approach to teaching and learning ensures pupils meet both our high expectations of them, and the statutory requirements of the National Primary Curriculum.

• Children are taught to express a deep conceptual understanding of maths. This is achieved across the school by using a range of representations to demonstrate understanding: from concrete manipulatives, pictorial representations to abstract models of thinking.

• Maths meetings are held in class, at least four times a week and are tailored for the needs of the class to address gaps in learning, develop fluency and allow regular access to the broader maths curriculum. Engaging and fast paced, they provide another opportunity, for pupils during the school day, to develop their mathematical language skills.

• A cohesive whole school approach, married with a six-part mastery lesson structure, ensures we provide opportunities for all our children, regardless of attainment, to voice connections, express patterns, and justify their reasoning.

• Through a proactive, rigorous cycle of monitoring, coaching and assessing, we train our teachers to engage deeply and prepare intellectually for each Unit of learning prior to teaching.

• Intellectual preparation ensures teaching staff understand the cumulative development of learning across single lessons, units of work, their year group and our school. This deep knowledge of how pupil understanding develops both through and from each lesson and unit, allows teachers to anticipate individual pupil misconceptions prior to the point of learning.

• A continuous programme of CPD for teachers is planned each term based on outcomes of learning walks and work scrutinies.

• Misconceptions are viewed positively as a tool to nurture a growth mind set and resilience in our pupils. In our immersive environments pupils freely explore and develop mathematical language. We encourage their justifications and explanations of concepts by facilitating a trusting atmosphere through which they demonstrate their reasoning.

• Teachers formatively assess the depth of pupils understanding, allowing them to react to pupils’ needs at the point of learning and inform the teaching of next steps.

• More formal assessments to meet the rigours of National Curriculum take place twice a year in the form of PUMA and Ark Arithmetic tests. These tests are analysed, and the results used formatively to identify gaps in learning that need addressing.


Curriculum Coverage - see tile document below.