Safeguarding Team

Our Designated Safeguarding Leads are:

Mental Health

At Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy, we have a whole school approach to mental health of our community: children, staff, parents and carers. Our ethos is supportive, caring and respectful. Staff work cooperatively to deepen their understanding of mental health and reduce the stigma related to acknowledging mental health issues. Little Ridge recognises that good mental health is a vital factor in overall pupil wellbeing and how it can affect their learning, achievement and self-worth. As a school we celebrate and acknowledge positive mental health and its place in the curriculum. Our school encourages pupils to be open and supports children to have their voice heard. Celebrating success and a positive mental state through assemblies and rewards is an integral part of school life.

Our culture of nurturing children means our school is a safe place where;

  • Every child feels valued
  • Every child has a sense of belonging
  • Every child feels able to talk openly with trusted members of staff
  • Positive mental health is promoted
  • Bullying is not tolerated

Please take a look at our Policy below for further information.