Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy




Our vision for ARK Little Ridge Primary School reflects a passionate commitment to learning and recognition of the uniqueness of all individual learners. It is driven by our desire to offer the best possible education for all our pupils in partnership with parents and the local community. We believe our approach will inspire a love of learning and importantly unlock the potential which lies within all our children. 

 Mission Statement: 


To provide every pupil with the opportunity to go onto university or pursue a career of their choice. 

Our school and local community of children, parents, staff, and governors work in partnership together, as learners, to: 

  • Be healthy individuals, who feel safe and valued as part of a caring community that celebrates success 
  • Develop into happy and confident individuals with a secure foundation in learning that will last throughout our lives 
  • Reach our full potential and be inspired by each other’s success  
  • Value and understand religious and moral beliefs and develop a respect for the views of others 
  • Be resilient enough to take risks when learning and keep our ambitions even when things become difficult 
  • Be independent thinkers who can seek solutions creatively and cooperatively 
  • Experience and actively participate in an enjoyable and challenging curriculum with high expectations for all 
  • Be able to articulate our own responses to develop learning and listen to others to enable mutually enhancing relationships.  
  • Be happy, successful, responsible citizen



  • We take pride in our work; completing it to the highest standard.
  • We Take pride and care in our school; behaving responsibly and respectfully.
  • We take pride in our appearance; wearing our uniform smartly.



  • We are honest in our words and actions.
  • We recognise and praise right choices in ourselves and others.
  • We are not afraid to positively recognise and learn from our mistakes.



  • We give 100% in everything.
  • We never give up.
  • There are no problems, just solutions.



  • We are kind, respectful and helpful to all.
  • We embrace and celebrate our differences. 
  • We make time to listen and care.



  • Positivity is at the heart of everything we do.
  • We celebrate achievement, success and difference.
  • We are welcoming, and create a happy and nurturing environment


Curriculum Aims 

To foster a life-long love of learning by equipping the children with the knowledge and skills to ask questions about the world around them. 

Build upon existing knowledge and understanding of events that have shaped our lives both today and in the past. 

Use the local environment to inspire and enthuse an inquisitive mind, enabling children to learn from first-hand experience and from the community in which they live. 

Develop an ability to make decisions and work collaboratively with others. 

Equip the children with the breadth of knowledge and skills needed to be prepared for the next stage of their education and beyond. 

To provide a wide range of enrichment activities so everyone realises their full potential and talents. 

To provide a happy, safe and secure learning environment.